Laqfoil Dealers
Laqfoil trains its own dealers to represent the Company, conduct sale, close projects and commence installation within Dealer’s Region. In this case Laqfoil manufactures product and sells it to its dealers at dealer’s cost ( usually the lowest one ), not taking responsibility for the installation.


  • Exposure to new products
  • Marketing, Technical Support
  • Diversification of existing business
  • Opportunity to launch a new business
  • Wholesale / Preferred Prices

  • Production Priority
  • Client Referrals
  • World Wide Exposure
  • Expedited Services
  • Access to Laqfoil's Dealers Network

Become a Dealer

Becoming a Laqfoil stretch ceiling dealer is an electrifying business opportunity. Our company is the market leader in North America and is rapidly expanding. The work environment at Laqfoil is friendly, and our product is exciting. Working with us brings together the best of both worlds: the security of a market-leading company on the cutting edge of design and renovation, and the fun and excitement of a young business. Our dealers are independent contractors, so you work on your own terms and your earnings depend on your drive to work hard and make good money. We treat our dealers as partners, strive to build lasting relationships with them, and value their success as much as we value our own.

We provide hands-on training, marketing support, and a full set of custom-made pre-manufactured materials and components for each project. Laqfoil dealers receive the initial leads, sales and installation advice, promotional materials, web reference here on our popular web site, software to produce professional drawings and of course, wholesale dealer pricing.

You need to be physically fit to install stretch ceilings, willing to take hands-on training, and customer-friendly and enthusiastic about our technology and products.

Last, but not least: as a Laqfoil dealer you will be working with technology that is taking the North American market by storm. Our product is clean, beautiful, and always impressive; tips and gratuities from delighted clients are common.