A lot of people believe that workplaces, offices and other areas like conference rooms are areas that don’t require any spectacular décor efforts. People simply invest in paint job and office furniture and that’s it. No significant effort is visible at commercial arenas, which make them somewhat boring and dull places. There is a sharp difference between thinking patterns of people now because we very often see theme-based décor at shopping malls, retail outlets, boutiques and even workplaces. This means trend has changed for the better now. However, still there are areas in a room that are constantly being ignored such as the ceilings. Majority of professionals and entrepreneurs tend to focus upon decorating the floor and walls with exquisite decorative frames and rugs but mostly they left out ceilings. This is not a good approach because nowadays, with the rise of stretch ceilings, offices and workplaces can be made extremely inviting and attractive and can instantly grab the attention of customers, clients and associates. Imagine a room that’s been painted white or off-white and showcases simple black furniture and uninviting walls and ceiling in comparison to a room having brilliantly yet elegantly decorated walls and ceilings with almost any imaginable design. You would definitely love the latter idea.

There are so many advantages of installing Laqfoil's creatively crafted stretch ceilings for commercial entities. Bet it governmental offices, malls or individual shops, everything can be made appealing to the visitors with the addition of stretch ceilings that are created according to the theme of the room. If you want to hide some sort of imperfections on your ceilings that giveaway a bad impact of your room’s overall environment such as peeling paint, cracks, mould/fungus, humidity effect and unevenness then you can use stretch ceilings for hiding them.

In fact, these tend to be the perfect option for people who reside in excessively humid and dusty regions because these ceilings are dust, bacteria, moisture, mould and fungus repellent. Another great benefit is the ease of installation that these entail. We know that for professionals and commercial areas, time matters the most and every second counts. Stretch ceilings are a very practical way to embed innovation and exclusivity in your shop or office since these can be installed within a few hours and does not require you to move your furniture or relocate while the job is being done. If you have hired professionals like Laqfoil Ltd. then you can be at ease because it is guaranteed that no damage will be done to your furniture or décor items. Moreover, if making the room soundproof is your primary aim, install these stretch ceilings as these prevent noise pollution and also make the room soundproof. Moreover, you can count upon these new-age innovative ceiling décor options in terms of reliability and longevity as these stay the same for years and years and don’t get sagged.

Laqfoil Ltd. offers unmatched range of designs, textures and colors (over 250 shades and textures) to make it even more convenient for commercial property owners to sync these ceilings with their room’s theme. Whether you want 3D design,  your favourite artwork or individual concept, we could do it all, within competitive and professional approach. Among our valuable Commercial clients, there are Companies like: Air Canada Center, Rogers Canada, Nike, Sport Check, Canadian Standard Safety Authority, Oman Youth and Recreational Complex, Trump Hotel and Towers Toronto, Brookfield Properties, Daniels Corporation, and many others. Join the list and explore new possibilities with Laqfoil Ltd.