Lighting Design Using Stretched Ceilings

Lighting Design Using Stretched Ceilings

Stretched ceilings can do so much more than just replace a ceiling finish. One of the most beautiful options is a translucent stretched ceiling membrane covering ceiling mounted lighting.

A men’s public washroom in Bulgaria with a translucent ceiling digitally printed with a beautiful photograph of trees and sky, with LED Lighting, mounted behind it.

Also, the Cuba Libre Restaurant in Sofia, Bulgaria, with textile ceilings digitally printed outdoors under a canopy. Cuban scenery photos continue down onto the wall, while the circular windows below them show the actual views at the restaurant’s location. See more on our facebook page.

The interesting thing about putting computer controlled LED lighting behind a stretched ceiling is that not only does the ceiling smooth out the “points” or hot spots of the tiny diodes, it also completely disguises them when they aren’t on.  What appears to be a perfectly sedate conservative daytime ceiling instantly transforms to a pulsating nightclub simply by turning off the other lighting in the room (which could also be hidden behind the ceiling) and turning on the colourful LED programming!

— Esther Yates-Abrams

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