Whether it is home renovation or construction of a new property, architects find it difficult to cover up salient issues that already exist or may affect the longevity of the structure in the future. Weather upheavals, accumulation of dirt, mildew and fungus and sagging are common problems that are found in old homes and ceilings are affected the most. For new constructions also, there are plentiful problems that prove to be a hindrance for builders. This is why Laqfoil Ltd. offers an extensive and practical range of stretch ceilings to help builders, designers and architects overcome hard to control issues such as water damages, excessive humidity, stains, cracks, uneven surfaces and noisiness while conducting home renovation projects or new buildings. It won’t be an overstatement that stretch ceilings currently serve as every designer’s best friend because these have made their jobs so easy and effortless. It is not a hidden fact that many times architects and designers have to deal with various serious issues like concealing an open overhead space, lowering ceilings within commercial premises or simple cracks in ceilings, which cannot be covered so perfectly without affecting the impact of the interior environment.

Usually, they have to deal with these inevitable issues with immense effort and excessive use of materials so that they are able to make the ceilings and walls appear seamless and perfect. Needles to say that on top of all those challenges, they have to come up with intriguing, individual and aesthetically appealing design concept. This is no ordinary feat but if stretch ceilings are used then such issues are not only beautifully controlled but also hidden almost immaculately. The benefits of stretch ceilings are immensely wide-ranged and it can be said that these are like a treat for designers as within minimal time and effort involved, they can create unique and attractive designs on the home’s walls and ceilings. Eradicating the damages caused by mould, sagging, worn-out paint, acoustic related troubles, lighting inadequacies, structural complications, unlevelled ceilings/walls, stains and cracks becomes so much easy with stretch ceilings offered by Laqfoil, the most respected provider of 2D and 3D stretch ceilings in North America. Moreover, these ceilings are long-lasting and don’t get affected by humidity and weather because these are waterproof, dust, moisture, bacteria and odour repellent, and vapour and chlorine resistant as well. No other option for hiding the imperfections of your home or office ceilings and walls can be as workable, cost-effective and functional as stretch ceilings tend to be. The best part is that these are available in over 250 different shades, materials and textures. 

Deciding about the design and layout is also very convenient because almost any print, image, style and shape can be translated on to your ceilings. The finished look is so perfect that the clients become super-satisfied. It should be noted that Laqfoil Ltd. offers unimaginably superior quality stretch ceiling designs that are fully certified under National Building Codes of Canada and the United States. So, designers can confidently opt for these amazing designing options if creating one-of-a-kind ceiling is on their agenda. The fact that stretch ceilings are installed without much ado and doesn’t involve laborious processes makes them a wonderful option for designers.

We are proud to say that among all of it’s valuable clients, there are Companies like: Nike Canada, Trump Hotel, Sport Check, Rogers Canada, Oprah Winfrey, Air Canada Center, Canada Technical Standards and Safety Authority, Brookfield Properties, Phantom Developers, Woodbine Mall Holdings, KPMB, Zeidler, Zas Architects, and many others, that Laqfoil had been honoured to have business with.

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  • Brings out the creativity
  • Large variety of possible designs
  • Adaptive to any surface, any form, any place
  • Supports all types of ceiling fixtures
  • Integrates any type of light fixtures
  • Upon installation provides absolutely, perfect, ideally finished surface
  • Hides all existing ceiling imperfections
  • Large selection of colors and finishes
  • Non toxic (in conformity with European and international standards)
  • Fully Recyclable
  • Does not accumulated dust, mold, odour or moisture. Maintenance free
  • 15 years warranty
  • Resistant to chlorine and vapors
  • Energy efficient due to the air lock
  • Resistant to cold and heat
  • Removable and reusable
  • Ability to print directly on material
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Fast and clean installation. No area preparation required
  • Increasing ceilings height
  • Noise absorbing. Acoustically efficient
  • Waterproof
  • Certified in USA in Canada under National Building Codes
  • Holds up to 100 kg. of a weight per 1 m²





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when it comes to new development, renovation or simple re-design of an existing place, you can fully rely on professional support from an experienced staff at laqfoil. from architects to graphic designers and interior designers,
support team would help you to create the concept, design, even choose colours of finished ceiling or wall based on your existing layout. let our professionals be a part of your unique, individual and dream ideas.




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Fadia Pahlawan


Last year we did get a commission to design the interiors of the Sport Bar in Brampton. At first we had a challenge with this project, as the client wanted to hang so many TVs, like more then 30 TVs. And we had windows ceiling to floors all over the place. So there was an issue with the reflection on TVs. There was an issue with putting it in the nice manner, nice pattern.